Lightyear end credits scenes explained: How Lightyear 2 is set up in surprise third scene | Films | Entertainment

WARNING: SPOILERS FOR LIGHTYEAR AHEAD. The new Pixar blockbuster concluded with Buzz heading off into space with his motley crew of Space Rangers for a new mission, but did you stay on for all three end credits scenes?

The first occurs during the mid-credits and has Commander Burnside having tea in his office, before a giant bug is zapped thanks to the forcefield. Meanwhile, a second arrives as a post-credits scene with ERIC the robot finally coming to the end of his plan from earlier in the movie, only to turn around and discover that everyone had left. But then a surprise third end credits scene followed, even after the Pixar logo.

However, the original Buzz had seen for the best part of a century through his time travelling tests that Hawthorne had had a life stuck on the planet and a family, resulting in her granddaughter Izzy, who was now his friend.

Interestingly, the Old Buzz had travelled far into the future and stumbled upon the Zurg suit, ship and minions. With this in mind, perhaps this means that there’s a real Emperor Zurg out there, like the toy one with a cape in Toy Story 2?

Lightyear is in UK cinemas now.

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