Lemon Price Rise Affecting You? Funny Viral Video Shows How To Tackle The Problem

It is safe to assume that all of us are now aware of the lemon price rise in the country. For the last couple of days, different cities and states are suffering from a surge in the prices of lemons one after the other. Some parts of the country are selling lemons at around INR 400/kg as well. The price hike couldn’t have happened at a worse time than this. With summer at its peak and nimbu paani being one of the most loved summer drinks, the scarcity of lemon is hitting everyone really hard. While the situation is dire, we can always depend on some humour to get us through these times.

We recently came across a hilarious video that shows how the price hike has changed us, especially when it comes to getting free lemons. Shashank Udakhe is a content creator who is known for his hilarious Instagram reels and YouTube videos. Recently, he uploaded a video that instantly went viral. What was it about? Lemons! In the video, we can see Shashank enacting the famous “when life gives you lemons” phrase at a wedding party. The wedding food features a bowl of lemons along with some cut vegetables and Shashank chooses to take as much as he can fit in his pocket. The text on the video reads “when life gives you lemons, just take it”. The video has received a whopping 4.2 million views and 246k in just a matter of days. Take a look at the video here:

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The video was an instant hit amongst all the viewers who couldn’t help but relate to this situation. Some of the top comments left on the video are:

“Haaye re mehngayi” (All because of the cost)

“Zor zor se bolke sabko scheme bata de” (Don’t spill the secret in front of everyone)

“Matlab shaadi ke gift ke badle saare Nimbu le liye, bohot saste main mil gaye bhai” (You got that many lemons in exchange for the gift? That’s a great deal)

“That uncle in the back be like: Itni baadi chori karta hai”

“This is me at every restaurant”

“We have 5 lemon trees at our place and we let people pluck the lemons whenever they want.”

How are you dealing with the price hike? Let us 

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