Lady Louise, Zara Tindall and Eugenie body language: How Queen’s granddaughters compare

Lady Louise Windsor, 17, Zara Tindall, 40, and Princess Eugenie, 31, are all much-loved members of the Royal Family. While none of the Queen’s granddaughters have formal roles within the Firm they still have to deal with being figures of public interest.

From novice Louise, who has only just begun to emerge into the spotlight to confident Zara and social media-savvy Eugenie, a body language expert has revealed key differences between the way the royals act in the public eye.

Body language expert and author Judi James told “They might be three daughters of three of the Queen’s children but Eugenie, Louise and Zara appear to have three very different personalities and attitudes to coping with life in the royal family.

Princess Eugenie – ‘More intimate’

Eugenie’s interaction with the public is more direct than most royals, Judi claimed.

The princess has a personal Instagram account and often updates fans with pictures from her private life.

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Judi said: “Eugenie’s methods of contact with the public tend to be direct and the most intimate.

“By using Instagram we see more casual and relatable-looking glimpses of her life that suggest she is keen to share the joy of marriage and motherhood in what look like natural snaps rather than more formal photo-sessions.

“These social media posts suggest Eugenie wants to be friends with her public rather than keeping them at arm’s length.

“Eugenie is probably the most emotionally open of the three in terms of her body language.

“Her eyes greet the camera in a more modest way, and because it is presumably her sister or mother taking many of her photos with Jack we get to see her warm, loving eye expressions and her adoring smiles with no sign of a filter.”

Judi added: “So far there is not direct or personal communication from her just poses that occur because she is with her parents at royal events and visits.

“Whereas Zara and Eugenie probably had their royal destinies mapped out from birth as non-working but still high-profile royal children, Louise’s body language reflects her change in circumstances, making her look very much like a student set on a non-royal life who has had a much higher profile recently thanks to the surge of popularity of her parents.

“Her body language is a blend of shy student and elegant and rather regal royal, as though she has been learning quickly on the job, with her mother as a role model.

“With her upright pose and raised chin she really does appear to have inherited the most regal streak of all three although other poses show her happily lost in large jumpers and with her head dipped shyly.”

Zara Tindall – ‘Happy to let rip’

Zara is the most confident out of the three, Judi claimed.

Princess Anne’s daughter was raised as a private citizen and has established a professional sporting career of her own outside the Firm.

Judi said: “Zara seems to be the one of this threesome who has inherited the highest levels of self-confidence and independence.

“Whereas Eugenie and Louise have a more turn-on turn-off body language approach to their royal status, adopting one look for formal occasions and another for their non-royal lifestyles, Zara is the one that appears happy and comfortable with using spontaneous and carefree body language displays whatever the occasion.

“All that changes with Zara are the outfits.

“In these photos, we can see her posing alongside her husband looking as loved-up as normal but later she is happy to let rip with her noisy fun side too.”

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