Kate Middleton’s ‘relatable’ choices proves she’s ‘in touch with masses’

But Kate is also thought to favour the odd indulgent treat, and her go-to choices are “relatable” comfort food classics many can get on board with.

Behavioural expert Darren Stanton said on behalf of Coffee Friend: “Kate’s favourites are much more in line with what a lot of people would eat these days and she’s partial to trying new food trends, such as a raw food diet, plant-based meals or matcha in her coffee or green smoothies.

“However, her diet consists of a lot of the nation’s old favourites too, like curry and sticky toffee pudding – it’s hearty food and very relatable.

“Kate’s food tastes could suggest why she is arguably one of the most popular Royal Family members, she is in touch with what the masses like, she can relate to them and them to her.”

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