Kate Middleton’s ‘Bond Girl’ updo – how to recreate James Bond premiere hair look at home

The Duchess of Cambridge looked spectacular in a glittering gold dress, but Kate also opted for an elegant updo which fans can easily recreate. How?

The Duchess of Cambridge usually wears her hair down or in very casual hairstyles, such as ponytails.

The intricate and well-thought-out hairstyle she wore during the James Bond Premiere left fans impressed but the beautiful updo is not impossible to recreate.

Hair stylist Michael Douglas explained that people can get the look with “the right tools and a lot of hairspray.”

“It’s a complicated number but with the right tools and a lot of hairspray, there’s nothing stopping you from giving this one a go, especially as the party season is creeping up on us”, says Michael.

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Wash and dry

Michael explained it’s essential the hair has just been washed. “Start by washing and towel drying your hair,” he said.

Apply product

He then proceeds to apply the product. “Apply lots of blow dry spray, followed by heat defence spray as this look needs a lot of heat,” he recommended.

Dry the hair

To dry the hair, he advised “using a hairdryer with a quick dry nozzle.”

“I always use the Panasonic Nanoe + Double Mineral Hairdryer with quick dry nozzle attachment. That’s to blast dry 80 percent of moisture out of hair. As the hair needs a lot of heat for this look, it’s always best to use tools that minimise damage.


“Also, if you’re like Kate and have a lot of hair, a hairdryer like the Panasonic Nanoe + Double Mineral Hairdryer will dry your hair quicker without overheating your head due to its intelligent temperature control mode,” he said.

Smooth the hair

Next step consists of smoothing the hair. “Once hair is 80 percent dry, use a large round bristle brush to smooth out the surface of the hair, focusing on the top of the head.”

Create your parting

“Kate has opted for an off-centre parting, but if you prefer a central parting, choose whichever most suits your face.

“Once, parted, swap to a standard nozzle on your hairdryer to smooth this top section. I recommend holding the hairdryer above your hair, pointing down, as this smooths the hair strands. Technology, like Double Mineral, assists in creating a smoother finish by reducing over-drying, so look for a hairdryer that is as kind to your hair as possible for this type of styling.”

Create waves with styling irons

“Once hair is completely dry, use Panasonic Nanoe Styling Irons to add a big, loose waves into the hair. I would recommend around 15 sections of hair to create the amount of movement needed,” he said.

Section your hair

“The key for the updo is to section your hair into three. Create a ponytail at the nape, another at the crown and then leave the front sections with the parting.”

Twist the bottom ponytail

He said: “The ponytail at the nape needs to be twisted into a loose bun and secured in place.”

Tease the top ponytail

“The ponytail at the top of the head needs to be backcombed/teased then pinned with kirby grips and pins into a wave shape, sitting on top of the bottom pony tail,” he explained.

Finish the front sections

“Finally, twist your front sections backwards, away from your face and pin into the top ponytail.”


“Finish with lots of strong hairspray (and fingers crossed for no fall down or strong winds!),” he said

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