Kate Middleton style: How to recreate her ‘impeccably elegant way of dressing’

Fashion expert and founder of Luxury Legs, Stephen Sheldon, said that “Kate embraces an impeccably elegant way of dressing.”

“Simply, it consists of well-cut jumpers in premium fabrics and denim for more casual duties or expertly tailored long skirts and dresses that silhouette and flatter her frame for more formal occasions,” he explained.

The Duchess is considered a fashion icon and has a huge impact on companies whose clothes she wears; the so-called “Kate effect”. Her most affordable looks always sell within hours.

Back in 2012, and during one of her first official appearances, just hours after the Duchess wore a nude-coloured dress by Alexander McQueen for a ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral, George at Asda saw a sales increase of 35 percent in a £25 nude lace dress that was part of their collection. The following day, the dress was sold out nationwide.

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