Kate Middleton’s £400,000 engagement ring from Prince William symbolises safety

Tim Ingle began: “The classical white diamond, although beautiful, is the most popular gem within ring designs, leading lots of future brides to opt for more unusual and colourful options.”

One such option is the coloured sapphire, which has increased in popularity due to the Princess of Wales’ popular ring.

Diamond experts at Steven Stone explained: “Globally, the sale of blue sapphires increased by around 300 percent at the time, and even now, thanks to Netflix show The Crown, sales of sapphires continue to surge, with vintage style halo designs being extremely popular.”

Tim added: “As the most popular of the coloured stones, these beautiful gems are most often seen in shades of blue, however can also be seen in pinks, yellows, oranges and even greens.”

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As for deep, royal blue sapphires, these have “ancient links to the highest celestial faith and hope”.

In modern times, these sapphires have come to revolve around “protection and good fortune”.

“This means anyone wearing a sapphire engagement ring is to have deep links to spirituality which ensures a safe and protected marriage.”

Symbolically, there is also an added layer of protection in Kate wearing Diana’s ring, as it’s a vessel which connects her with her late mother-in-law.


The fact Prince William gave Kate a sapphire ring speaks to the couple’s steadfast, unfailing love for each other.

But it almost didn’t end up in her hands.

Former Royal Butler to Princess Diana Paul Burrell recalled that when their mother tragically passed away, Prince William and Harry were both allowed to select items from her jewellery collection to remember her by.

Prince Harry opted for Diana’s sapphire engagement ring, whereas Prince William asked for “mummy’s Cartier watch”.

But when William got engaged first, seven years before Harry, the youngest brother gave William the ring in a gesture of brotherly love.

The timeless ring is steeped in sentimentality, and is worth a whopping £400,000.

This is unsurprising, as the AAAA quality of the sapphire is “amongst the most valuable of its kind”, per jewellers Steven Stone.

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton aren’t the only royal women who have sported a coloured engagement ring as opposed to a classic diamond.

Sarah Ferguson’s ruby engagement ring, surrounded by 10 diamonds, is in her own words, “stunning”.

In their engagement video, Prince Andrew had stated: “We came to the mutual conclusion that red was probably the best colour for Sarah.

“That’s how we came to the choice of the ruby. The extra bits around the outside, we wanted something that was slightly unconventional.”

Following suit, Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring boasts a pinkish-orange padparadscha sapphire, again surrounded by diamonds.

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