Kate Middleton news: Prince Charles gave wedding gift of ring, earrings and bracelet

Shortly after the wedding, she debuted another set of sentimental jewels.

The mother-of-three was given a sweet wedding present from Prince Charles.

The three piece set consisted of white and gold jewellery and cost an estimated £60,000.

The thoughtful gift appeared to be custom-made and Kate wore the jewels to various events, explained head of bespoke at 77 Diamonds Anna Byers.


She said: “After her wedding to Prince William, Prince Charles welcomed his new daughter-in-law a set of matching yellow and white gold pieces.

“This included a ring, bracelet and a pair of drop earrings she has since worn on several occasions.

“They are in an Art Deco style and seem to be custom made for Kate.

“Judging from the images, I estimate the value of these earrings to be £15,000 and the bracelet to be £45,000.”

“The central diamond has a yellow hue, bridged by three horizontal baguette diamonds set in white gold.

“The bracelet has a repeating diamond cluster and baguette pattern bordered by two rows of diamonds, with the central diamond again seeming to have a yellow hue.

“The ring has a double diamond cluster.”

The set is just one of many stunning looks Kate has worn while in the Royal Family.

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