Kate Middleton news: Duchess of Cambridge ‘more openly confident’ without William at event

The Point

“We can see Kate using a lowered point gesture as she talks to her host,” Judi said.

“Prince Charles and both his mother and father have always been fans of the royal ‘pointless point’ gesture with the finger raised, but when Charles is really engrossed in a subject he is passionate about the finger drops in a lowered point as Kate’s does here.

“Kate’s downward point suggests she is asking some really pertinent and specific questions rather than indulging in small-talk. The art-world setting is very much Kate’s thing and that is reflected in this very engaged-looking gesture.”

The eye contact

Judi said: “Kate can be seen using a very level and strong-looking eye-gaze here, both when she is speaking to her hosts and when she is posing for the cameras.

“Without her signature signals of fun and humour that she often shares with William on visits we get a glimpse of a more openly confident eye expression.”

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