Kate Middleton news: Duchess of Cambridge ‘less formal’ without Prince William

Kate Middleton and Prince William are both working members of the Royal Family. In their senior roles, they will both meet with the public and support various causes.

Both Kate and Prince William will also make solo appearances of their own.

When appearing by herself, speech expert and voiceover artist John Briggs claimed Kate is different.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, the expert suggested the Duchess is “less formal” when attending engagements alone.

He stated: “From what I have seen, Kate is less formal when she is on her own.


“As a consort to William she is used to putting him first – but actually she uses more empathy and prosody (light and shade) in her voice than William does.”

When the royal couple speak at joint engagements, John suggested they may stick to their royal ranks.

Prince William is second in line to the British throne, with Kate set to be Queen consort.

With the Duke slightly more senior in the Royal Family, the expert claimed Kate may take a step back when in his company.

He claimed the topic of conversation also seems to affect how the Duchess comes across.

“Not surprisingly Kate is most animated in these online conversations when she is talking to people about things she has direct experience of,” he continued.

“When being introduced to new parents, she sounds much more secure and interested than she does talking about bereavement.

“Tonally her voice drops and is flatter and less animated, and more concerned in the recent bereavement video from 2021 – but then the subject matter may well account for that.”

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