Kate Middleton: Duchess uses ‘firm but fair’ parenting with ‘hands on’ techniques

Kate Middleton, 39, and Prince William, 38, regularly talk about parenting struggles and stress the importance of early years education. Last year, the Duchess launched a campaign, 5 Big Questions, which asked UK parents to get talking about children’s education. Being a parent to three children herself, what techniques does she use?

She is incredibly tactile, and unlike royals of the past who might stand back from their parenting duties, she is always seen carrying her children or holding their hand and getting stuck in.”

Traditional royal parenting techniques would have avoided the public displays of affection but this is something Kate and William can be seen doing frequently.

Last year, in an interview with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofiled, the Duchess revealed an insight into her homeschooling life.

Lucy added: “When she was interviewed on This Morning recently she spoke about homeschooling George and Charlotte, showing that while they do have help obviously, she gets stuck in and knows exactly what they’re all up to each day. 

The parenting expert explained that Kate could speak about her parenting struggles to let parents know that although she gets help with the children, she too, experiences the tantrums that all children go through.

Lucy went on: “Kate also works hard to make it clear that she is one of us – going through the same experiences as so many mums out there. 

“When she went on Giovanna Fletcher’s brilliant Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast last year, she talked candidly about motherhood and is a firm supporter of mental health issues that so many people go through. 

“During the pandemic, she has also encouraged her children to deliver food packages so they see the importance of helping others and are part of a community. It’s this human side, full of empathy and kindness that makes the general population warm to her.”

The expert went on to explain that Kate uses firm but fair techniques in her parenting techniques.

This means that although she may not be a strict parent, she and William know how to handle a tantrum.

Lucy said: “Kate has also shown that she is firm but fair. It’s hard enough when a child has a tantrum but when the world’s cameras are on you, capturing your every move it must be very difficult.”

It was also previously shared that the couple had a ‘chat sofa’ rather than a ‘naughty step’ to help discipline the royal children without telling them off.

The parenting expert continued: “ However, Kate never loses her cool; she remains calm and firm under pressure and manages to diffuse the situation well.”

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