Kate Middleton: Duchess recycles clothes to show she’ll ‘make a good Queen’

The Duchess of Cambridge has been nicknamed “thrifty Kate” in the past by both royal fans and British media due to the fact she regularly recycles old outfits. However, some fashion experts don’t believe this word accurately describes Kate’s sense of style – the Duchess may wear the same garment twice, but this is what many members of the public do almost every day. It is “what we should all be doing”, according to fashion expert and personal stylist Samantha Harman.

Samantha told Express.co.uk: “To be honest, I wouldn’t necessarily use the word thrifty to describe Kate.

“I think her privilege has to be acknowledged in the context of the fact she’s able to have the most exquisite clothes from the world’s best designers.

“Thrifty to me isn’t wearing the same outfit twice, and often the word ‘recycled’ is used to describe her doing that.

“She’s doing what we all should be doing: prolonging the life of a garment by just nine months cuts its carbon emissions by around 30 percent.

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“It has not been a good few years for the Royal Family, what with Megxit, Prince Andrew, the loss of Prince Philip.

“At a time of financial and political crisis, the point of the royals is supposed to be stability and guidance.

“By rewearing her clothes as frequently as she does, Kate is showing she’s mindful of what’s happening for people and that she’ll make a strong Queen.”

Samantha added: “We’ve seen her style evolve over the last few years and she’s really come into her own.

Fashion expert Miranda Holder also noted that Kate rewore past outfits over the Jubilee weekend, calling the Duchess a “style sensation”.

She continued: “Kate notably wore two ‘recycled’ outfits that she had worn previously. We have seen her do this in the past, perhaps taking her sartorial cues from Her Majesty the Queen, who, in close liaison with her stylist Angela Kelly, carefully rewears her ensembles for a duration of up to 25 years.

“The Duchess of Cambridge is no stranger to rewearing her wardrobe, indeed we saw her modelling a beautiful orange YSL jacket as well as others on her recent Caribbean Tour. She also showed off a vintage handbag, and loves to add a vintage twist to her ensembles too.”

Kate might be the most notable royal to wear the same garment twice, but Miranda predicted that more members of the Royal Family will be seen recycling their outfits in future.

“This is for two reasons,” the expert explained.

“The first is to promote a more sustainable approach to fashion – the environmental impact of the fashion industry on the planet, in particular fast fashion, is becoming more and more well-known and increasingly urgent.

“The royals know they are tastemakers, in particular Kate, who is closely followed by the fashion press in particular, so they are simply setting a good example to the rest of us, hopefully inspiring us to shop our wardrobes just that little bit more, reducing the impact of our ‘disposable shopping habits’ on the planet.

“The other reason we will be seeing more wardrobe upcycling is simply due to the current economic situation. The nation has had to tighten their belts following the impact of the pandemic, and the Royals do not wish to appear out of touch and inconsiderate towards their public.”

Miranda went on to say that she believes “these choices were a commendable decision from Kate”.

“We need to repopularise wearing outfits on more than one occasion and take the stigma out of it. Hopefully her fans will take this cue as inspiration and adopt the same approach,” she added.

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