Kate Middleton: Duchess ‘mirroring’ William’s body language in ‘evenly-balanced’ marriage

Kate Middleton and Prince William recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, having first met one another while studying at university. The Cambridge’s regularly undertake royal engagements together, as well as separately.

Prince William is heir to the throne and it is likely that he will be King one day.

This means the Duchess will likely become Queen consort.

The couple take their royal roles seriously and are regularly completing work with various different charities and organisations.

Since marrying in 2011, the couple have had three royal children, Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, six, and Prince Louis, three.

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“William and Kate are either adopting almost identical poses to signal equality or they are taking it in turns to look supportive or more dominant.”

The couple have been seen to mirror one another for many years, although according to the expert, this has become more prominent in recent months.

Judi added: “During recent outings this mirroring seems to have become even more pronounced than usual.

“William and Kate have been sitting in similar poses and using matching hand gestures when they are speaking or walking side by side.”

Since kickstarting their in-person meetings, the couple have visited multiple organisations and charities.

One of their visits was back to Westminster Abbey, the exact location the couple tied the knot in 2010.

At the time the couple were pictured glancing into one another’s eyes while smiling behind their masks.

Judi explained: “When we can see eye-glances being exchanged there is a feeling that they are gaining strength from one another and William has been caught throwing a very fond and admiring look at his wife as she speaks, suggesting he is proud of the way she is handling the new pressure.”

The couple also shared a sweet video last week as they announced the launch of their YouTube channel.

The video was made up of recent clips of both Kate and William.

Speaking to Express.co.uk at the time, Judi explained: “This video starts with a special breakthrough moment in the relationship between this couple and their public.

“‘You need to be careful what you say, these guys, they’re filming everything,’ is William’s opening joke and with Kate’s squealed response, ‘I know!’

“We get to see the future King and Queen choose to break through formality and protocol, plus the glass wall of the camera lens, to emerge looking like real people and our actual friends.”

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