Kate Middleton: Duchess has ‘grown in confidence’ as she wears brights like the Queen

This summer, Kate Middleton has been seen in various colours, from the red blazer she wore to an England football match to the green dress she donned to day 12 of the Wimbledon tournament. These garments were bright and eye-catching, but Kate did not always wear stand-out clothes. How have her fashion choices changed over the years?

“French navy, burgundy, light blue, grey and shades of pink really make her glow.”

However, the colours the Duchess donned also took on another meaning; they revealed a part of Kate’s personality.

Samantha suggested that Kate’s choice of soft colours showed she preferred not to bring attention to herself, opting to move away from the limelight.

The personal stylist said: “You get the sense that, although many column inches will be devoted to her style, and although she is a future Queen, Kate isn’t here to try and get the spotlight.


“At the wedding of Harry and Meghan, for example, she wore a cream Alexander McQueen coat dress we’d seen before.

“She clearly didn’t want to do anything to take the focus from the happy couple.”

However, Samantha noted that in recent months and years, Kate has started to don “lots more brights – reds, yellows, bright greens”.

The fashion expert claimed this change could have been inspired by the Queen, saying: “This is something the Queen does, so that people can see her.”

Samantha continued: “When people go to events that they know members of the royal family are at, it’s likely they want to see the Queen, and they also want to see Kate.

“So, like the Queen, she might have started adding more brights into her wardrobe so that she’s easily spotted.

“As a nation, we love the Queen. And as Kate and William will be preparing for life at the top of the Royal family in the future, it’s important they can maintain the public’s love and support.

The personal stylist added that Kate’s bright colours “show she’s grown in confidence”.

Fashion blogger Melita Latham agreed that Kate’s choice of colours unveils more about the Duchess than meets the eye.

She said: “Kate’s wardrobe, whilst varied, is probably not tactical.

“Her choice of dress is quite tailored to the event and its importance.

“As an example, she wore pink to her sister’s wedding, possibly to avoid the inevitable centre stage for her sister.”

According to Melita, Kate’s style has been influenced by her mother more than anyone else.

She said: “I would say that Kate’s fashion style has been hugely influenced by her Mum, as I can imagine so has her style of parenting.”

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