Kate Middleton breaks royal etiquette rule when drinking tea – ‘pinkies are never out!’

Whilst preparing the tea, the Queen prefers her milk to be added in last.

Although, whilst stirring the beverage the spoon must not hit the sides of the fine china teacup.

Myka Meier, who trained under a former member of the royal household and worked as an etiquette expert on hit ITV series Downton Abbey, revealed to The Glam Pad a step-by-step guide to drinking like a royal.

She said: “Teacups, as with glasses, are set to the right of the place setting, with the handle facing three o’clock. If you are left-handed, it’s up to you to turn it to nine o’clock to hold with your left hand.

“To hold a teacup, pinch your thumb and index finger together through the handle. Then support the length of the handle with your middle finger. Tuck your ring and pinky finger into your hand. Pinkies are never out!

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