Kate Middleton and Sophie Wessex: Royal women’s ‘huge differences’ on royal tours

According to body language expert Judi James, there were some similarities between how Sophie and Kate behaved during their respective tours – especially in relation to the children who lived in the villages they visited. But there were also “huge differences”.

Focusing first on the two women’s similarities, Judi said: “Both Kate and Sophie represent UK royalty in an impeccable way, and on their tours here their body language is similar in terms of their ability to engage with people, especially children.

“Both rate high in terms of signals of agreeableness and likeability.

“Their auras project warmth, interest and empathy and both show authentic concern and a desire to learn when necessary.

“Both love to get involved with projects or tasks that they see children doing on their visits and maybe even look their most comfortable when they are crouched down or bent over, communicating and listening to small children.”

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However, Judi noted the differences between Kate and Sophie.

She said: “There are huge differences in their styles of personal charisma, and those differences are best defined by what is called the ‘sensation’ factor.”

This refers to how the women “would make people feel around them”.

Judi explained: “With her casually-pinned hair and her long, cool and comfortable-looking floral dresses, Sophie looks relatable, approachable and down-to-earth.

Sophie has completed four days of her and her husband’s royal tour of the Caribbean so far, and today is the couple’s fifth day in the archipelago.

Yesterday, April 25, the Countess stepped out in two different outfits – once when she and Edward arrived in St John’s in Antigua and Barbuda, and secondly, a few hours later when the couple visited the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium.

For both engagements, Sophie wore a floral dress. The first one was a white and blue number from Suzannah London, costing £1,150.

The second dress, from Soler London, was bright blue and covered in multicoloured flowers.

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