Kate and William: Royal couple ‘intent’ on cheering up the nation

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went to Scotland last week to visit various parts of the country as part of a royal tour. Yesterday, the pair posted a video of the tour’s highlights on their social media pages.

Kate and William’s video is modern and not at all “traditionally regal”, according to body language expert Judi James.

Judi spoke to Express.co.uk to further explain what the royal couple’s body language in the video may reveal about them.

She said: “This very fast-paced series of highlight clips, set to upbeat, lively music, shows the Cambridge’s ability to tune into and adjust to their social media audience.

“There’s nothing slow-paced, pompous or traditionally regal about this video and it is packed with active-based moments with a strong emphasis on laughter and fun.”


Judi noted that Kate appears in the video more often than William, suggesting that she is the “star”.

The body language expert also compared Kate to Princess Diana, who garnered more attention than her husband when she attended royal engagements too.

Judi said: “Kate tends to feature more that William, showing a very healthy lack of the kind of jealous vanity that his father suffered from in his marriage to Diana.

“She is very much the memorable star here and we hear her joking with the children and see her full-on to the cameras in the parting shot.”

It seems the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are taking their new YouTube venture seriously and consider themselves as entertainers, according to Judi.

“We get to see the couple competing on the beach and every pose looks intended to entertain us,” the body language expert said.

“They clearly seem intent on cheering the nation up during lockdown.”

Judi went on to compare William and his brother, Harry.

She said: “This does have to be viewed in contrast to Harry’s more sombre appearances in the UK.

“William and Kate look intent on spirit-lifting while Harry is more about empathy for suffering and sharing the pain.

“Of course both brothers will role change too, with William having made many empathetic appearances on the subject of mental health, but it’s interesting to see how the two men currently exhibit contrasting styles and traits that their mother encompassed by herself.”

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