Kamala Harris sports new special necklace in her £20,000 collection with classic grey suit

Kamala Harris sported a new necklace in her collection yesterday, one that hasn’t been seen before since she entered the White House. The Vice President also went for her classic grey trouser suit.

This is the first time Kamala has worn the necklace since entering the White House.

One expert has said that wearing pearls for Kamala is “very appropriate”.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Alexandra Michell Gemologist at Prestige Pawnbrokers of Channel 4’s Posh Pawn said: “Following in the footsteps of many First Ladies who wore pearls with a modern twist, a strong message is sent.

“Diamonds for strength, pearls for feminism and from lore, gold symbolising the sun for a new day or bright future, very appropriate for the First Female Vice-President of the US.”

For her outfit, Kamala went for a classic grey trouser-suit, a piece that she has worn on many occasions.

Her suits tend to be dark colours like navy, grey or black.

This one, in particular, featured folded pockets and two buttons down the middle which the Vice President opted to keep fastened.

Her structured blazer featured a deep neckline, revealing her black top underneath.

Her black top matched her accessories, including her black face mask, which is something she does quite often.

She also went for her classic Manolo Blahnik heels.

It is thought that her shoe collection from the designer could be worth up to £8,000.

Her BB 105 style black heels feature a patent finish and a pointed toe.

They retail for £515 and Kamala often recycles them.

Kamala has been spotted in shoes from the brand as far back at 2010 when she wore the Black Patent D’Orsay Pumps to visit a gallery which cost £600.

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