Kamala Harris news: VP and Michelle Obama wear purple in symbolic gesture

The new Vice President and the former First Ladies all wore a similar hue of purple, sending symbolic message as Ms Harris became the first woman and first Black and Asian-American to hold the office of US Vice President. For her swearing-in, Ms Harris donned a matching shift dress and overcoat by Black fashion designer Christopher John Rogers.

Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle, chose a plum outfit which featured wide-leg trousers, a turtleneck and a belt by Sergio Hudson, another Black designer Ms Obama has previously work.

Ms Clinton opted for a monochrome suit and a matching fringed scarf, as well as black boots, gloves and face mask.

The three women may have chosen to wear purple to the Capitol Building because it is a combination of the political party colours, red and blue, The Hill reported.

The colour also conveys solidarity and unity, according to the news outlet.

Ms Harris was recently defended by US Vogue editor-in-chief and Anna Winter after the politician was criticised on social media for wearing a casual outfit on the cover of the fashion magazine.

Twitter users claimed the photograph of Ms Harris in jeans and trainers was an “insult”, and added wearing a full suit would have been more respectful.

Ms Wintour said the choice to feature Ms Harris in less formal attire “reflected the moment we were living in”.

The popular journalist said in a statement the choice of an informal outfit showed Ms Harris’ successes, and reflected the “character” of the Biden-Harris administration.

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