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US President Joe Biden was booed by the crowd when he attended a Congressional game in DC as lawmakers continue to quibble over his $4.7trillion infrastructure and social spending agenda.  The plan is considered crucial by progressive Democrats but has been met with stark opposition from Republicans as well as moderate Democrats concerned about the proposed business tax hike.

In footage shared online, people attending the game can be heard booing as Joe Biden made his way into the stadium.

Republican fans showed Biden dissatisfaction at the Nationals Stadium on Wednesday during the annual charity game played by members of Congress.

The President handed out some Dove Chocolate ice cream bars fitted with the signature presidential seal.

Mr Biden huddled with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the Democratic dugout before walking across the field to exchange pleasantries with the Republican team.

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The US President walked out of the stadium before the end of the game, which saw Democrats getting trashed 13-2.

Twitter users had mixed responses to the President getting booed during his surprise visit to the stadium.

User Sharwin Wilson penned: “He gets the greeting he deserves!!!”

User Jennie Em said: “It’s DC. Where Biden got 92 percent of the vote.”

And user Rob Bern wrote: “And somehow this guy got more votes than any other president in history. Seems like a popular guy.”

However, other social media users pointed out a minority of attendees expressed their unhappiness with the President as the Democrat side of the stadium greeted him with thunderous applause.

Journalist Aaron Rupar said: “1) I watched and didn’t even notice Biden being booed

“2) lol there so many other more important things going on

“3) this would be a better own if Trump hadn’t famously gotten booed out of Nationals Park during the 2019 World Series.”

Joe Biden proposed $1tn public works plan but he has met with resistance towards his broader social policy agenda among centrists.


The proposed laws would extend child tax credits, establish universal pre-kindergarten education, and create a federal family and medical leave system.

It would also move the US toward far greater use of renewable energies.

The richest Americans and corporations would see tax increases; while the poor and middle class would see tax cuts.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi faced a revolt from an influential group of progressive Democrats who warned she must hold it back until a larger, $3.5 trillion domestic investment bill is nailed down.

Moderates were pushing for a smaller package, and negotiations on it could stretch for weeks or longer.

Besides keeping government operations running, the stop-gap spending bill would provide aid for communities hard-hit by hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters. Money to help Afghan refugees is included too.

However, the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki said: “We’re obviously at a precarious and important time in these discussions.

“It’s like an episode of a TV show. Maybe the West Wing if something good happens.”

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