JEE Main 2022 Day 3 Session-2 Paper analysis: Physics rated easy, Mathematics time consuming

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has concluded the first shift of the day 3 exam of JEE Main 2022, and experts have analysed the exam to be on an easy to moderate level, with Physics being the easiest of all sections.

For the Chemistry section, experts analysed that the exam was mainly based on the NCERT syllabus and books, so the students who had thoroughly prepared from NCERT books and revised from NCERT-based mock tests can score better in this section.

“About five of the numerical-based questions were from Physical Chemistry and the remaining from inorganic and inorganic Chemistry. Overall the questions from the Physical, Organic and Inorganic branches were evenly distributed. Questions from environmental Chemistry, coordination compounds, p block, equilibrium, and thermodynamics were asked. Overall coverage of the chapters was uniform,” explained Ajay Sharma, National Academic Director, Engineering, AakashBYJU’S.

This year, Physics has been rated to be the easiest section by students. Candidates believe that students who solved a lot of mock tests will be able to score much better in this section. According to experts, there were five to six questions from electricity and magnetics, some questions were also from mechanics, units and dimensions, Optics, Waves and Sound and Modern physics. Majority of chapters were covered in this exam, and in uniform proportions. “There were a good number of numerical which were largely formula based,” said Sharma.

The Mathematics section was slightly time-consuming this year due to lengthy calculations. Students rated this section to be moderate on a difficulty level, and probably the most difficult in the whole exam. While almost all topics were covered, a few good questions were interspersed sporadically. The section had nearly seven questions from Calculus, five questions from Coordinate Geometry, almost four from Vectors and 3D and not less than five questions from Algebra.

The second shift of the JEE Main exam will begin at 3 pm now and will conclude at 6 pm. NTA is conducting first session of JEE Main 2022 from June 23 to June 29.

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