James Bond: Sean Connery’s torrid affair with Natalie Wood’s sister | Films | Entertainment

Lana added: “”I was devastated. They had cut out so much that explains Plenty. As an actress you try to paint an entire character. It made so much more sense. There was plenty more of Plenty!”

As so often happened, she admitted her career also failed to flourish after being a Bond girl: “It is true that the Bond role didn’t open the doors I maybe thought it would. In fact, it didn’t open any doors at all. All I was offered were sexpot roles, and you can’t be doing those forever. I did suffer from being stereotyped.”

In her personal life, she spent much of her life fighting to have the shock death of her sister investigated, which also lead to frequent clashes with Natalie’s husband, Robert Wagner and his new wife, Diamonds Are Forever co-star Jill St John.

Natalie was found drowned at sea on November 29, 1981, while she was on a boating holiday with Wagner and their friend, fellow actor Christopher Walken. Lana Wood has consistently protested that some form of foul play was involved, although no investigation has found any such evidence.

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