‘It’s the 16th anniversary of my diagnosis’: Nick Jonas opens up about living with type 1 diabetes

American singer Nick Jonas, who has type 1 diabetes, recently opened up about managing the condition that he was diagnosed with as a 13 year old.

On the 16th year anniversary of his diagnosis, the Chains singer reminisced the memories of the day that left him ‘devastated, frightened’ but he never let it “slow me down”.

“Today resonates with me personally because it’s the 16th anniversary of my diagnosis. I was 13, playing shows with my brothers… And I knew in my gut that something wasn’t right, so I went to my parents and told them I needed to see the doctor. After going over my symptoms, my pediatrician informed me that I had type 1 diabetes. All the symptoms were in line with an undiagnosed type 1. I was devastated – frightened…Did this mean my dream of touring the world and playing our music had to end? But I was committed, just like I always have been, to not letting it slow me down. There are tough days but I have an incredible support system I can rely on to help me push through and not be hard on myself when I’m feeling low,” he said in an Instagram post on National Diabetes Month.

Nick, who is married to Priyanka Chopra, also mentioned how he is very particular about his diet and fitness, which includes monitoring his sugar levels regularly.

His father Kevin Jonas commented on his post, saying: “We will never forget that day. You inspire us all. Love you”. Priyanka responded with love emotions.

In a 2015-interview with Female First magazine, he had shared how he has been “very careful” with his diet ever since the diagnosis.

“I live a pretty low-carb life. I wish I was eating pancakes all the time. That would be so much fun! When I do, it’s whole wheat or buckwheat,” he told the magazine. “It was scary. The initial step was to learn as much as possible… about carbohydrates and sugar intake, and how that would affect my levels,” he added.

Know all about the condition

A chronic disease, diabetes is characterised by increased blood sugar along with other metabolic disorders. As per Dr Rajeev Gupta, internal medicine, CK Birla Hospital, Delhi, type 1 diabetes is diagnosed when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin.

“It generally affects children and young adults but can occur at any age. Damage to cells or pancreas can be genetic or acquired by viral levels or autoimmune reactions of the body. Type 1 diabetes demands the adoption of strict lifestyle changes and dietary habits to keep the condition under control. Unlike other conditions, an individual’s participation and medical and social support are of paramount importance,” Dr Gupta added.

Diabetes causes damage to the small blood vessels in the body and stiffens their walls leading to high blood pressure. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)


As per Dr Suruchi Goyal, consultant – paediatrics and paediatric endocrinology, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield, the early symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children are (4Ts):

Thirst: Increased thirst

Toilet: Increased urge to pass urine (bedwetting)




Increased hunger

What do type 1 diabetics need to keep in mind?

Patients with type 1 diabetes need to:

*Monitor and control blood sugar, cholesterol and BP consistently.
*Manage blood sugar with insulin shots as advised by a doctor.
*Rest and relax to reduce stress.
*Stay active with exercises.
*Make healthy food choices.
*Consult your doctor to understand how to recognise and manage complications like kidney disease, eye disease, and cardiovascular complications.
*Go for regular urine tests for albumin (ACR), fundus examination for retinopathy, and lipids assessment along with strict blood pressure control.

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