Is there a connection between egg consumption and cholesterol? Find out

The biggest concern around eggs is that eating too much can lead to high cholesterol. But, is there any truth to it? According to nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee, cholesterol present in food is “safe by itself”. “It only becomes harmful when it gets oxidised as in dried eggs found in cake mixes, processed foods, dehydrated milk and processed meats. The cholesterol in them gets oxidised and it is likely to clog arteries,” she explains in an Instagram post.

The nutritionist adds that if you have “normal cholesterol” and lead an “active healthy lifestyle”, you can eat one egg every day “without worrying about its cholesterol content”.

On the other hand, she warns that for those who have or are likely to have high cholesterol, and lead an inactive lifestyle, it is advisable to either avoid eggs completely or stick to “egg whites only”.

“Eggs are rich in nutrients and are highly beneficial to health. There are innumerable studies to support that eggs DO NOT increase the risk for heart disease!” Mukerjee writes in the caption.

She further explains that eggs:

have the best quality protein.
👉help to even out blood sugar.
👉are highly beneficial for those suffering from low blood sugar.
👉beneficial to those suffering from anemia.
👉are full of all essential amino acids and minerals.

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