Imran Lauds India’s Foreign Policy Again, Reiterates He Was Ousted By Foreign Powers

Imran Khan praised India’s foreign policy once more following his ouster while pushing the narrative the foreign powers wanted him removed (Image: Reuters)

Imran praised India’s foreign policy to push the narrative that the US was key player in unseating him

Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan at a rally in Lahore invoked India’s foreign policy once more while accusing the current government of being a foreign import. He said Indian foreign policy is for the benefit of its own people while Pakistan’s foreign policy is for the betterment of foreigners – once again pushing the narrative that he was ousted because a foreign power – allegedly the US – wanted so.

“India, which is a strategic partner to the United States, is importing oil from Russia, saying that its decisions are based on the betterment of their people. But our foreign policy is for the betterment of other people,” Imran Khan said at the Lahore rally on Thursday.

This is not the first time that Imran Khan used India’s foreign policy as a tool to attack the current government. During a televised address to the people of Pakistan earlier this month, Imran became emotional while making the same point when he was still the prime minister. His pro-India stance even pushed Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) (PML-N) leader Maryam Nawaz to ask him to leave for India if he feels India is better.

At the Lahore rally, Imran waded into the debate of importing Russian oil. “I went to Russia because Russia gave us oil at a discount of 30%,” Imran Khan said. He earlier said that the US was unhappy when Imran Khan visited Moscow earlier this year shortly after Russia declared war on Ukraine.

Imran at a rally in Malakand area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa applauded India’s foreign policy earlier this year. “I praise our neighbouring country as they always had an independent foreign policy. Today India is in their (America) alliance and they are part of QUAD (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue); they say that they are neutral. They are importing oil from Russia despite sanctions because their policy is for the betterment of people,” Imran said garnering surprised reactions from Pakistan’s entire political spectrum.

He alleged again that US Assistant Secretary of State for Central and South Asia Donald Lu was instrumental behind his removal from the post of Pakistan prime minister. He also said that the US was against more robust Pakistan-China trade and bilateral ties.

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