IIT-Kanpur launches scholarship for 10 students within JEE Advanced top 100 rankers

IIT Kanpur has instituted the Bright Minds Scholarships programme for 10 students within the top 100 all India rankings of JEE Advanced 2021. The scholarships will be awarded to 10 students who will study at the IIT Kanpur from this session onwards.

IIT Kanpur’s Director Abhay Karandikar took to Twitter to make the announcement. “IIT Kanpur is delighted to announce the Bright Minds Scholarships programme. These are 10 prestigious and highly sought-after academic scholarships for students within the top 100 AIR in #JeeAdvanced2021,” the tweet read.

“The scholarships are being established with support from the institute’s alumnus Lokvir Kapoor. These are aimed at encouraging and rewarding meritorious students. The #scholarships take care of all the expenses, including tuition and living, during their stay,” he further explained.

Earlier, IIT Kharagpur had also announced a full rider scholarship for the top 100 JEE (Advanced) rankers’ which will cover the entire expenses of students who win it till they complete their BTech course at IIT Kharagpur.

The scholarship will be implemented from the 2021-22 academic session and will consider students whose parents’ gross annual income is less than Rs 20 lakh.


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