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This week a new and exciting Ice Age film, The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, will hit Disney Plus just in time for the Easter holiday. On Friday, March 25, fans of the franchise will be sent back through time into the world of dinosaurs and extinct beasts to see the adventures of everyone’s favourite one-eyed weasel. 

And, to celebrate, Ice Age fanatics received the unique opportunity to jump straight into the iconic world of Sid, Manny and Diego.

The one-day event included a bespoke piece of interactive artwork in Bishops Square in Spitalfields Market, London, UK.

The art project was created by the artist 3D Joe and Max, who specialise in creating larger-than-life public art pieces.

This Ice Age project allowed fans to look deep into the Lost World, which was complete with the titular hero, Buck Wild, as well as the fan-favourite trio.

What’s more, keen-eyed viewers will be able to see in the photos below an erupting volcano in the distance – is this a hint to what is to come in the upcoming Disney Plus movie?

Ice Age lovers could also stand atop the immersive art’s flying Pterodactyl as if they were soaring above the whimsical world of the Disney franchise.

The artwork was available throughout the day and will go on to be used in future events by the Walt Disney Company’s charity partners, including Make-A-Wish UK.

The artist responsible for the immersive experience also live-created a new art piece for fans to come along and view. This piece is also going to be used by Disney in future events to help support children.

All of this art was dropped in London to commemorate the upcoming film, The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, which is the sixth title in the Ice Age franchise. This exciting feature film includes the return of Simon Pegg as the one-eyed weasel and dinosaur hunter, Buckminster “Buck” Wild.

The Adventures of Buck Wild is the first Ice Age movie to hit screens since 2016’s smash hit Ice Age: Collision Course.

The hilarious movie – which was released by Fox at the time – made a staggering $408.5 million at the box office.

With such a success under its belt, are there going to be more Ice Age movies in the near future?

Executive Lori Forte is hopeful.

Forte was recently asked about a sequel to Buck Wild’s debut feature film.

She replied: “I think it’s a little premature [to discuss Ice Age 7]. We hope that people will respond to this, and that will promote us to be able to do another movie. If the audiences want it, we’ve got plenty of ideas.”

She added: “There’s no end to ideas and adventures and characters, so we’re ready if they’re ready.” (Via Screen Rant)

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild hits Disney Plus on Friday. 

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