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Refurbishing a home can be an expensive endeavor but on tonight’s episode of Save Money: My Beautiful Green Home, a family of four saved a lot of money in the long-term by making some green changes. Ranvir Singh helped Sian, a mother of teenage daughters and artist, update her kitchen for the 21st century.

While many may assume fitting out a home with green fixtures and items would prove to be costly, the total refurbishment for Sian’s kitchen came in at just over £5,000. Additionally, with all the new appliances, Sian’s family will save thousands on utility bills.

Ms Singh broke down what changes were made: “It’s a green triumph.

“The back wall boasts chic subway tiles and bright energy efficient windows and back doors.

“ECO friendly LED lighting keeps it cheerful and at its heart is a huge central island for the family to gather around.

“[The] upcycled door is painted with a solvent free chalkboard paint and blends in perfectly. Sian’s old kitchen ranges have been reused and the washer/dryer senses the weight of the load and adjusts water volume and washing time accordingly.

“The integrated dishwasher uses five times less water than hand washing and underfoot is a highly durable and ECO friendly flaxseed liner flooring.”

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When reviewing her kitchen, Sian said: “I can’t even speak. I’m just so thrilled with everything.”

Reviewing one’s home is crucial for both energy efficiency and budgeting as recently, energy experts from money.co.uk called on households to “don’t stand-by – just switch off” to minimise their energy use.

Their analysis found Britons can reduce their carbon footprint and save up to £500 a year by switching off household gadgets at the wall. Many of these gadgets can be found in the kitchen.

Money.co.uk’s energy expert Ben Gallizzi said almost every UK household burns energy needlessly due to having devices switched on even when not in use.

“Most people don’t realise how much power their devices are using even when they’re not turned on,” he said.

“Items such as televisions, computers and smart speakers all use a surprising amount of electricity even when they aren’t being actively used.

“Many of us have had to work from home over the past year and that’s also had an impact with many workers leaving laptops and phone chargers plugged in. We want people to be aware of the energy their devices are consuming even when they aren’t using them.

“It’s often best to turn a device off at the wall, that’s the only way you can really be sure that it isn’t using power and costing you money. So we are advising people to ‘Don’t stand-by – just switch off’.

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