How Will It Work? What Happens If Boris Loses Or Wins?

The chair of the 1922 committee Sir Graham Brady announced on Monday that there will be a no-confidence vote among the Tories as MPs will decide whether they want to see UK PM Boris Johnson continue at the helm.

The vote of no confidence was triggered as the number of letters reached 54, the threshold, following which the 1922 Committee tabled the motion.

Triggering Of The No-Confidence Motion

According to the rules, at least 15% of Conservative MPs must write a letter to Brady for a vote to be held. The threshold number is 54 since the Tories have 359 MPs currently.

British Conservative MP Graham Brady speaks to members of the media following a vote of no confidence, outside of the houses of Parliament in London, Britain (Image: Reuters)

The senders of the letters are not bound to reveal their identity but at least 29 of them on their own or due to pressure from their constituents. Brady is the only person aware regarding the number of letters. Since 29 MPs have publicly denounced him, there are 25 more who discreetly sent their letters to Brady.

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The letters can be given personally to Brady by the MPs themselves, handed in by their aides or even emailed, news agency The Guardian reported.

Deciding Boris’ Fate

The UK prime minister’s fate will be decided by a secret ballot of the MPs which will be held on June 6 between 6-8pm (GMT).

To win Boris must win at least 50% of the votes and one vote support from the parliamentary party, thus 180 votes.

The MPs will place their folded ballots in a ballot box. The voting will be held in the Palace of Westminster. If an MP is unable to vote, they can nominate a colleague to vote on their behalf.

When Are The Results Out?

Graham Brady said while announcing the no-confidence vote that the ballots would be counted immediately after the voting ends. There are arrangements made for the results to be released on June 6, Monday.

Brady will address journalists at the Palace Of Westminster alongside the MPs and announce whether the

It is most likely that, as happened with the challenge to Theresa May in 2018, Brady will assemble MPs and journalists in the same committee room and declare whether the parliamentary party does or does not have confidence in the prime minister.

What happens if Boris loses?

If Boris Johnson fails to get 180 votes in his favor, the Tories will choose a new leader and a new prime minister. Johnson will continue as the prime minister until his successor is chosen.

In case Boris loses, the process to elect someone new will take time. The Tories will then have to vote on a choice of two candidates.

If Johnson wants to leave immediately, then UK deputy PM Dominic Raab will be the most likely to be the Prime Minister.

Boris Unsafe – Even If He Wins?

If Boris Johnson wins the confidence vote then he remains safe from another leadership contest for a year. The rules can be changed though, as was seen in the case of Boris Johnson’s predecessor Theresa May who was forced to vacate her position even though she won the confidence vote.

(with inputs from The Guardian)

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