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A refurbished phone has had a previous owner but it’s resold by a network, manufacturer or retailer who would have repaired the product and run checks to ensure it’s in good working order. 

Buying a refurbished phone instead of a brand new one is a great way of getting the latest flagship device you’re looking for for a “significantly cheaper price” and still features returns and warranty benefits, according to Mr Wilson. 

Kyle added: “These are the handsets which have been returned, for numerous possible reasons. 

“One of the most common reasons is that the phone has been sent back due to a change-of-mind. In other instances, there may have been a slight fault with the handset, which has since been repaired to make the handset fit for resale. 

“Make sure you always buy from an authorised reseller, as this will ensure the products have been examined by technicians, and reconditioned where necessary, before being offered for sale at a reduced price.”

Save big with SIM-Only

Another great way to cut costs on your phone bill to go SIM-only if you’re happy with your current device. 

You may not get the excitement of unboxing a new mobile, but you can enjoy a lower monthly cost and the flexibility of shorter contracts, such as one or 12 month agreements. 

Mr Wilson said: “SIM-only contracts could save you money, with SIM-only options starting at as little as £6 per month. SIM prices will vary depending on your desired data allowance, texts, and minutes.”

Although, he continues: “If you do have your eye on a new phone, you should still keep your eye out for contract deals too, however. In most cases, a contract deal will be cheaper than buying a SIM-only and new phone separately.” 

Re-evaluate your data allowances

We are used to using our phones and the internet wherever we go, so when you choose a mobile phone contract, try to select a data package best suited to your needs. 

Often, you might find you actually use significantly less data than you think you do, and you can work this out by comparing your usage on past phone bills. 

Opting for a contract with a smaller data allowance is generally the cheapest way to get the phone you want.

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