How to manage health problems in children during summer?

Summer can be worrisome not only for adults but also for children. There are numerous health problems that children can encounter during the hot and humid season, and these include certain allergies and infections.

Intense humidity coupled with heat can make matters worse, said Dr Suresh Birajdar, neonatologist and paediatrician, Motherhood Hospital, Kharghar. He lists some signs and conditions that parents need to be aware of.

Protect your child from too much sun. The sun’s rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., so be extra careful during that time. (Source: Pexels)

Heatstroke (Hyperthermia)

Caused owing to prolonged exposure to high temperatures, it presents symptoms like exhaustion, headaches, dizziness, and weakness. To tackle hyperthermia, cool down the child’s body with the help of water, or ice packs. When working/playing outdoors, use a hat or cap to cover the head.

Food poisoning

Happens due to the consumption of contaminated food or water. The warm and humid weather leads to the growth of bacteria which can contaminate food. The symptoms include stomach pain, nausea, diarrhoea, or vomiting. So, avoid eating roadside food, and also stale or uncooked food.


During summer, children tend to lose a lot of water and salts in the form of sweat. This needs to be replenished by staying hydrated. Coconut water, buttermilk, and lemon water are some good options to keep children hydrated during summer.

summers Make sure your child drinks plenty of fluids even if they are not thirsty. Water is best. (Source: Pexels)


Too much exposure to the sun can damage the child’s skin. It causes reddening, inflammation, and, blistering and also peeling. Do not send your children out in the sun without applying sunscreen. Moreover, children should avoid going out between 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.


Rashes, blisters, infections, and allergies are commonly seen in children. Eczema is a skin disease that gets aggravated during summer, owing to sweat, exposure to the sun, and increased secretion of oil. Your child may suffer from a skin rash as a result. Try to consult a doctor for an appropriate line of treatment.

To manage skin irritation, parents can apply a cold compress to the affected area. Make the kids wear comfortable and loose-fitting cotton clothes during summers. Avoid using any skin products without consulting the doctor.

Waterborne diseases

Contaminated water can lead to typhoid, diarrhoea, cholera, jaundice, and dysentery in children. Parents must carry water bottles while travelling with kids.

Conjunctivitis (pink eye)

Is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. It can lead to symptoms such as redness, itching, and eye inflammation. Take appropriate care of the child’s eyes frequently. Make sure the child doesn’t touch the eyes and takes medication.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

It is an infection in any part of your urinary system. ie., the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. Cases of UTIs in children increase during summer due to insufficient water intake. Maintain good personal hygiene and drink enough water.

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