How to care for your hair: 8 monsoon tips

Going from the scorching summer heat to the wet, humid weather of the monsoon season can bring about changes in your hair, and unfortunately, not necessarily for the better! With the high humidity and dampness comes an increase in frizz, dryness, dandruff and other bacterial scalp problems. Here are 8 monsoon hair care tips to ensure you have gorgeous locks through the wettest of days…

Best Monsoon Hair Care Tips

1. Protect your hair from the rain

Woman with umbrella in the rain

If you’re thinking that getting your hair wet in the rain isn’t a big deal, think again! If there’s one rule on how to take care of your hair in monsoon you should follow, it is not to get it wet in the rain. Not only is rainwater dirty, but the high humidity in this season also increases perspiration, which contribute to hair problems like dandruff, dry hair, frizziness, fungal infections and even hair fall. So whether by wearing a waterproof hoodie or carrying an umbrella, be sure to protect your precious locks from the rain.

2. Oil your hair

Young woman with hands in hair

Rainwater is acidic because it contains dirt and other impurities collected from the environment. And when these droplets come in contact with your hair, it alters its natural pH balance and natural moisture-oil balance. It strips the hair of its natural moisture, leading to more frizz and dryness during this season. One way to beat this is by oiling your hair regularly. A few drops of oil massaged into your scalp and hair strands will nourish and hydrate them to give you smoother, glossier locks.

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3. Wash and condition regularly

Close-up portrait of young pretty woman taking shower

For the same reasons, washing and conditioning your hair regularly is essential for your hair health. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner will help you tame your mane. A hydrating shampoo and scalp-care conditioner will help maintain your hair during this time. You could also try a nourishing serum to finish your haircare routine.

4. Use a proper comb

Rear view of combing healthy long straight female hair isolated on gray

Your hair is the weakest when it’s wet, and combing it after a shower will break your hair. Wait for it to dry completely before running a comb through it. Make sure to use a wide-toothed, wooden comb to detangle your hair – a wooden comb won’t have a static charge, meaning lesser frizz!

5. Get a haircut

Beautiful woman has cutting hair at the hairdresser

Shorter your hair, the easier it is to manage. Cutting your hair is a monsoon hair care hack that can simplify managing hair problems. And long hair tends to get pulled more often when combing or styling, causing more hair fall. Getting a haircut also has a two-fold benefit; it will eliminate split ends and any damage to allow your hair to grow out healthier.

6. Try hair masks

Cosmetologist massaging hair on the head of the woman. spa treatments. beauty treatment. spa salon

If your hair feels extra dry, brittle or frizzy, or you’re suffering from dandruff or excess hair fall, you can consider using a hair mask. One of the best monsoon hair care tips to follow, hair masks are a chance to address any hair problems you might have while also infusing it with nourishing and hydrating ingredients that will make it look better and grow healthier. There are plenty of DIY recipes that you can whip up in less than 5 minutes, or you can buy one from reputed beauty brands.

7. Keep your hair dry

Beautiful red head woman with close eyes posing over pink wall. wavy hairs. perfect smile.

Apart from rainwater, leaving your hair wet can further damage your hair. It is more vulnerable to breakage because of the expansion of water molecules in the strands. Hot air from a blow-dryer can also dry out your hair, so be sure to use it in a cooler setting after your shower, or at least towel dry it.

8. Add a hair serum to your routine

Brunette girl taking care of her hair

One more monsoon hair care essential you will thank us for is the use of hair care serums. These wonderful products benefit the hair in various ways, including enhancing hair texture and volume, reducing frizz and adding shine and gloss. If you pick the right products, this is your chance to also add a few nutritional elements to your tresses.

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