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Britons will have their ear to the ground regarding incoming economic changes as the country attempts to break from a unique selection of constraints. The pandemic, coupled with the fallout from Brexit, left the country worst off amongst the G7, and despite a promising recovery, it is still far below many of its peers. Rishi Sunak, who has already cut Universal Credit and introduce a National Insurance hike, will lay out a complete post-Covid “recovery plan” in the coming days.

How much could the Autumn budget plans cost you?

During the Conservative conference earlier this month, the Prime Minister refused to rule out further tax increases.

According to rumours surrounding Mr Sunak’s October 27 address, the first “Build Back Better” budget will include further income raids.

These will come straight from people’s paychecks and increasing levies on luxury products.

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The plan for jobs

One of the Government’s most advertised post-Covid support measures going forwards is the “Plan for Jobs”.

The plan will form a central pillar of the budget and aims to get people back to work.

The £500 million funding drive will have targeted help for older workers, with additional space for apprenticeships and traineeships.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Mr Sunak will also address the ongoing skills shortage.

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