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Furlough has given people job security for nearly a year now, as the pandemic wears on. While the end is in sight, thanks to the NHS, the pandemic is not over yet. As such, millions of people will need the Government’s continued support.

How many people are on furlough?

Covid pandemic measures have posed significant trouble for many of the UK’s industries.

People have required furlough to prevent their companies from laying them off due to restrictions on open business.

Businesses have embraced the policy, as the number of people on furlough has increased dramatically since its introduction.

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The amount provided by the state maxes out at £2,500 per month.

While British society could soon reopen, Charlie McCurdy, a researcher at the Resolution Foundation, said furlough should remain in action with more troubles to come.

He told BBC News: “Furlough has once again played a crucial role in protecting incomes and keeping a lid on rising unemployment.

“But with almost five million workers still on furlough in the most recent data, our biggest labour market challenges may be ahead of, rather than behind, us.”

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