Home Bargains: Discounter blasted for ‘unethical’ hay fever wipes

Major UK supermarkets have been doing their bit to help the environment by reducing the use and sale of plastic. However, some products are still being blasted by customers for containing too much plastic.

“So it isn’t unusual for me to hear patients reporting their hay fever symptoms are really miserable.”

Additionally, grass pollen affects 80 percent of people who suffer from hay fever, and it is at its highest at the start of the summer.

Some Britons have taken to Twitter to share advice with others on what they can do if their hay fever symptoms are bad.

One tip posted by some Twitter users is to buy Nuage Hay Fever Relief Wipes.

One customer said: “No, no, no! What is wrong with these companies? No consideration for the environment at all! Use a clean, wet flannel!”

Another person wrote: “Hay-fever wipes??!! They’ll invent wipes for everything these days. More plastic waste to fill our land and oceans.”

One shopper said: “Anything that’s a ‘wipe’ should be banned. So bad for the environment.”

Another person commented: “More waste going to landfill. Or the sewers if people are flushing them away.”

This is not the first time Home Bargains has been criticised by customers for selling an “environmentally unfriendly” product.

Earlier this year, shoppers expressed their anger online after the retailer shared an image of Fiji water bottles costing just 19p.

One person said: “The most environmentally unfriendly thing ever!”

Another customer wrote: “Omg what a massive carbon footprint all for 19p. That should be embarrassing instead of being promoted. Plenty of sparkling water in this country!!”

One person commented: “Stop selling bottled water, the cost here is to the environment.”

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