‘He will regret it now’: Abandoned by father, Bihar girl scores 99.4% in Class 10

Sreeja, a student from Bihar, has scored 99.4 per cent in her class 10 exams, and her story was recently brought to light after BJP MP Varun Gandhi shared a video of Sreeja and her maternal grandmother.

The girl from Patna was abandoned by her father after she lost her mother. “He left Sreeja after her mother’s death and never returned. We never saw him again. He got married again after that,” she is seen saying in a video interview. “But now after seeing her (class 10) results, he might be regretting it,” she added.

Sreeja shifted with her maternal grandparents after the death of her mother, and her grandparents have since then raised her alone. “I turned out to be lucky,” Sreeja’s grandmother said while clutching to her granddaughter in happiness. “We have raised her right, and now he must be regretting it after seeing her results.”

Calling it a ‘tale of sacrifice and dedication’, BJP MP Varun Gandhi congratulated Sreeja for creating ‘history. “The daughter, who left her father’s side after her mother’s shadow, created history by doing the culmination of hard work at her maternal grandparents’ house,” he tweeted. “A daughter securing 99.4% marks in 10th shows that talent does not seek opportunities.” He has also extended help to Sreeja.

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