Hair growth hacks: The 5 steps to growing your hair long

We all dream of having strong, thick hip-length hair, but it’s very difficult to achieve. Want to grow luscious, long locks? Here are the five steps to growing your hair long, according to long-haired TikToker @lillyvanbrooklyn.

Hair tends to grow about half an inch per month, which means the average person adds an extra six inches to their mane every year.

Everyone is different, and some people may find their hair grows faster than this.

Unfortunately for others, it’s possible for hair to grow as little as a centimetre or inch in a month.

No matter where you are on the scale, TikToker @lillyvanbrooklyn reckons the following five tips will speed up hair growth as it did for her.

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Change up your lifestyle to make sure you’re not hindering your hair growth.

The TikToker said she started working out more and quit smoking – both healthy choices which will probably help to keep your hair in good condition.

On top of that, she changed her diet to include foods containing biotin, zinc, iron, omega-3 and other vital nutrients and vitamins for the hair.

The foods shown were walnuts, eggs and blueberries, but a generally healthy diet overhaul will do the trick.

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