Hailey Bieber reveals she suffers from perioral dermatitis; know more about the condition

Hailey Bieber has revealed that she suffers from a skin condition called perioral dermatitis which is responsible for causing a red rash and bumps on her face.

The American model shared a selfie on her Instagram Story, highlighting an area on her right cheek which had been visibly affected by the condition.

Hailey Bieber consulted a dermatologist. (Source: Hailey Bieber/Instagram Story)

“This is day three, so it’s calmed down a lot,” Bieber wrote, adding that she likes to be as “transparent” as possible about her skin issues.

“I have something called perorial dermatitis which I’ve had for a few years now,” she added.

Describing what causes the condition, she wrote that it “gets triggered by different things and usually shows up on my cheeks, around my mouth or sometimes around and under my eyes”.

Speaking to indianexpress.com, Dr Yashodhara Sharma, unit head and senior consultant, dermatology, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, said, “There are multiple causes of perioral dermatitis which may include minor dryness, allergies to the deficiency of certain vitamins or other minerals. In some people it even causes merely by the application of lipsticks or lip gloss, also the people who have a habit of frequently licking their lips may suffer from the same,” she said.

The other aspects that Bieber noticed triggered her condition included any new product, weather, certain SPFs, laundry detergent, and even wearing masks.

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Bieber went on to share a few treatment options. “I go for super gentle anti-inflammatory products that will help soothe my skin,” she wrote before noting that she wasn’t diagnosed with the condition until she had gone to seek help from a dermatologist.

She also added why self-diagnosis is a no-no. “Sometimes it gets so irritated, only prescription cream will calm it out.”

Experts suggest that one should refrain from harsh face scrubs, use of makeup, and salty or spicy foods, and go by the doctor’s prescription.

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Urging immediate medical attention, Dr Sharma said the treatment varies as per causes. “A number of tubes can be given to the patients for timely application along with medicines or in some cases, it can be cured with regular Vaseline or coconut oil application. But in both cases only the doctor can suggest as per the causes,” she said.

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