Google Celebrates India’s 73rd Republic Day With Doodle

India’s 73rd Republic Day: India is celebrating its 73rd Republic Day today.

New Delhi:

Google is celebrating India’s 73rd Republic Day today with a doodle depicting elements from the Republic Day parade.

The Google doodle commemorates the day, 73 years ago, when the Indian Constitution came into effect, with which India became an independent republic. India’s Constitution was adopted on November 26,1949 and officially enacted on January 26, 1950.

India’s military might as well as rich cultural diversity will be showcased in the Republic Day parade today at Rajpath. The doodle depicts elements from the parade- from left to right, parade animals: an elephant, a horse, a dog, a camel; a red tabla; the parade path; a saxophone as part of the iconic camel-mounted band; doves; and the tricolors of the national flag.

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