German police trigger ‘major operation’ at Hamburg school as armed youth storms building | World | News

Police have said there is currently a “major police operation” at the Otto Hahn School in Jenfeld. Special tactical units are currently searching the school and the area around the building has been cordoned off. The police tweeted: “There is currently a major police operation at the Otto Hahn School in #Jenfeld . The area around the school is closed.

“A youth armed with a gun is said to have entered the school building.

“We will keep you informed here.”

Local radio station NDR 90.3 said two teenagers entered the school building, one of them with a gun.

It added: “It is not clear whether the gunman observed actually entered the building or just walked “in the direction of the school building” and then perhaps past the school.

“As a precaution, the school building is currently being searched by special units.”

In a message to parents of the schoolchildren, the police added: “Parents who now appear at the Otto Hahn School are asked to go to the parents’ collection point at Jenfelder Allee 80a (car park).

“You will be looked after there by emergency services as long as the school grounds are sealed off. #Jenfeld”. 

About 1,500 children attend the school. 

No suspects have been found. 


Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg 

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