Furlough rules: Can you be furloughed while self-isolating? – EXPERT | Personal Finance | Finance

“Of course, if an employee is able to work from home (and is fit to do so), they can continue to work while in isolation and should be paid in the normal way.

“Self-isolation should be distinguished from shielding – those who are shielding are eligible to be placed on furlough leave.”

Nicola Gater, HR Consultant at Reality HR, similarly told Express.co.uk that furlough “is not intended to cover short term absences such as isolation or short-term sickness absence”.

Ms Gater said: “Workers who are self-isolating should be paid Statutory Sick Pay, or paid under their company’s sick pay scheme if it has one.

“It is recognised that some individuals avoid isolating when they should for fear of losing pay which risks spreading Covid amongst the workforce and wider community.

“Paying enhanced sick pay where possible, or allowing an employee to take paid holiday entitlement, will support them during a period of isolation.”

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