From Detox Breakfast To Detox Roti: 5 Food Items To Help You Detox After Festive Indulgence

We celebrate the festive season with much fervor and enthusiasm. We organise get together with friends and family, and enjoy several fun rituals and yummy delicacies. It’s the season to gorge on plenty of mithais and deep-fried snacks, letting go off all our inhibitions. During Diwali, we love indulging to our heart’s content! And while it is completely alright to gorge on our festive favourites, the constant sugary, greasy and rich dishes aren’t the best when it comes to our overall diet and health. Many of us take extreme steps of going on fad diets as soon as the festivals end. But that’s not the case anymore. There are many detox food-items that will help you flush out the toxins while also keeping us satiated with a healthy and balanced diet. From a detox breakfast bowl to detox roti, here are some of the food items that will help you maintain good gut health in the next coming days.

1. Detox breakfast bowl:

A breakfast bowl that is not just filling but delicious too. The healing powers of honey and the energy of sunflower seeds are combined with muesli which is both gluten-free and rich in satiating fibre and protein. Try this deliciously and extremely easy recipe to kick-start your detox diet regime. Click here for the recipe.

Have a muesli bowl for easy brekfast

2. Beetroot Detox salad:

Salads are known for being healthy addition to our meals anyway, but they are even better when trying to detox after the heavy festive indulgences. Combine beetroot with celery, apples and broccoli, along with walnuts that are rich in healthy fats. This salad contains good amounts of fibre, protein, healthy fats and loads of deliciousness and nutrition. Click here for the recipe. 

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3. Detox Bhindi idli:

Idli is a tasty breakfast option, but did you know you can turn it even healthier by making some detox idlis? Made with millet-based flour, these detox bhindi idlis are very easy to make and they taste simply delicious! Here is the recipe for you.


Try the Bhindi Idli recipe for Diwali detox

4. Cinnamon water:

We have depended on detox drinks and teas for a long time now, and out of the many of those beneficial teas, here is a simple cinnamon tea that may help you restore the balance of the gut right now. Sip this every day for breakfast, evening tea or any time on the day. Try making it with this recipe here.

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5. Detox roti:

Roti is one of the important parts of an Indian diet and we have it at least once or twice a day. Well wouldn’t it be better if this staple could help us detox a little too? Turns out it can! Detox lauki roti is easy to make and can easily replace our regular rotis especially when you are trying to maintain your diet after the Diwali binge. Here is the recipe for you.


Make detox roti easily at home

There you have it, 5 detox food items that will help you come back on track after the festive season.

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