From chewing food properly to getting more vitamin D: Effective tips to heal the gut

Gut health plays a major role in keeping one healthy and fit. Which is why, it is extremely essential to maintain its well-being. As such, many people swear by weekend gut cleanses, fasting, supplements, or even detox drinks for the same, but according to psychology specialist and biohacker Tim Gray, there is more to gut health than just these.

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“Don’t think that drinking kombucha will heal your gut. It most probably won’t, nor will popping a supplement or doing a weekend cleanse. Gut health is important because if your gut isn’t right, your health won’t be, as our gut determines how well we:

* get nutrients from our food
* recycle hormones
* detox

which all lead to health, good energy, and a happy state of mind,” Gray said in an Instagram post.

According to him, there are many reasons why people experience gut issues. “For some, the fix might be chewing food properly or hydrating better (salt helps us produce stomach acid), others going completely plant-based and removing cheap antibiotic stuffed processed meat, or others it might be going full carnivore and removing irritating anti-nutrients that many plants have,” he said.

“The point is, we all have individual needs and saying ‘eating meat/being vegan’ or whatever is the only way is fundamentally wrong,” he added.

Gray mentioned that it is extremely important to reassess one’s health and the symptoms.

So, if you get:
Pooping 5+ times a day
Floating poo

“It’s a sign that you need to fix something,” he mentioned.

Keeping some health tips in mind will help fix your gut (Source: Pixabay)

While people think that healing the gut means supplements, fasting, cleanses, and probiotics, what is also involved is

*Chewing your food properly
*Reducing stress
*Supporting the liver
*Getting more sunlight and vitamin D
*Removing root canal teeth
*Heavy metal detoxification
*Pooping correctly in a squat position

*Eliminating fungal overgrowth like Candida
*Removing household toxicities like mould
*Clearing parasites
*Stimulating your lymphatic system
*Creating a strong sleep routine
*Filtering tap water
*Eating unprocessed organic food
*Doing an elimination diet

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