Free bus pass: New £2 fare cap across England for those not eligible for freebie benefit | Personal Finance | Finance

“Buses make a vital contribution to society and Government support is critical in protecting services for the future.”

Paul Tuohy, the chief executive of Campaign for Better Transport, added: “This will be very welcome news for the millions of people who rely on the bus to get to work, to the shops, to medical appointments and to connect with friends and family.

“It will also encourage more people to find their nearest bus stop and give the bus a try… where could you go for just £2?”

Alison Edwards, the policy director at the Confederation of Passenger Transport, explained: “Bus fare caps at £2 are an eye-catching initiative which could help attract new passengers onto the bus, particularly at a time when networks are adapting to new travel patterns, and both customers and operators are facing cost of living and business cost challenges.

“We look forward to understanding in detail how the proposed fare cap will work in practice to ensure it supports the long-term sustainability of bus networks, which are vital in connecting communities with jobs, education and skills, as well as friends, family and essential public services.”

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