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The UK left the EU on New Year’s Eve following 47 years of membership in a move Boris Johnson said would inject new-found sovereignty into the nation and enable it to “take back control” of its rules, borders and fishing waters. The French Government and in particular President Macron have been huge vocal critics of Brexit, often threatening to vote down agreements if the terms did not adhere to their red lines. But now Frexit is growing in pace and power on social media through Europe, with calls growing for France to create its own Brexit and follow the UK out of the EU.

French political movement Generation Frexit has ramped up its campaign for a referendum to take place to enable the country’s 68 million people to decide on its future in the EU.

The group’s President Charles-Henri Gallois said in one video interview: “Having 27 countries with divergent interests on just about every subject and wanting to come up with a common position weakens the position of each country.

“An independent country, sure of its strength, defends itself much better.”

“Brexit is the first stone that will bring Frexit, Italexit.

“It is because we love Europe that we hate the European Union: the European Union is the degeneration of Europe.”

Mr Gallois said in a separate interview: “We need a referendum on our EU membership: the salvation of France is at stake.”

The Generation Frexit President stressed his campaign group “wants to give the French people the opportunity to say if they want to remain or not in the EU, exactly in the same way the British did”, and is confident of success in any referendum that might take place.

He reserved particular praise for Nigel Farage, “who was the real Brexit hero” and also believes Scotland will not follow through with its threats of independence from the rest of the UK.

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He added his group loves Europe, “but we are against the EU as a supranational institution”, adding the COVID-19 crisis sweeping throughout the continent proves it is “completely inefficient”.

Mr Gallois said: “I honestly believe our arguments to leave the EU are strong. But you will hear Remainers saying that leaving the euro will be a hassle for people visiting other European countries when we live in the XXI century and we have things such as credit cards that we can use to pay in foreign currency.

“I think the referendum would give us the change to take back control of our country.

“Brexit has been an incredible help because it has shown us the way to follow.

“Negotiations lasted so long because the EU wanted to punish them because they were a precedent and a possible example to copy for other European countries.

“The UK has shown us how to take back control and recover sovereignty.”

He added: “We love Europe, but we are against the EU as a supranational institution. There was international cooperation before the European Union and there will be international cooperation after it.

“The supranational EU is the one that tells you that despite the differences between countries, you are all going to have the same position, which actually makes each country weaker.

“I will give you an example. Clement Beaune, who for me is the secretary of the EU propaganda more than a French State Secretary, talks about how marvellous it is to have a common EU vaccine strategy, while we see that the UK is doing much better than us.

“The EU keeps repeating that unity is strength, but that’s only the case when everyone agrees and works towards the same goal.

“This Covid-19 crisis has shown us that the supranational EU is completely inefficient.”

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