‘Fast And Furious’ On Streets Of Punjab. Cops Fire At Fleeing Car

The cop, determined to stop the two men, fires at the tyres, puncturing them


A car speeding down a narrow lane with reckless abandon and cops chasing right after – it looks like a scene straight out of Vin Diesel’s ‘Fast and Furious‘ movie franchise, but this is not a film.

The streets of Punjab’s Ferozepur witnessed a dramatic car chase today when two men inside a white Maruti Suzuki Dzire chose to ignore cops and did not stop at a barricade when they were flagged to. The police dispatched their Mahindra Scorpio Getaway SUV behind them, and a wild chase began.

CCTV footage shows the Dzire being rammed by the cop car while it tries to get away. The car first brushes a scooter on the side – the woman riding it falls to the ground, and then the car slams into the motorcycle in front of it. The two men fall, but the Dzire doesn’t stop.

As the car reaches a junction and gets stuck behind another car in traffic, a cop jumps out of the police car with a gun in hand and points it at the two men inside the vehicle, shows another CCTV clip.

The driver, however, doesn’t stop and barges his way through the car in front. The broken, hanging bumpers a telling sign of the struggle.

The cop, determined to stop the two men, fires at the tyres, puncturing them, but the car still keeps driving. The cop can be seen in the footage, in pursuit on his feet.

The two men were finally arrested, but after managing to drive another 10 kilometres, said Mohit Dhawan, Station House Office, Ferozepur. 10 grams of Heroin was recovered from the two men, he added.

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