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Harry Lay, 36, who relies on a food bank to feed his family, explained that his family has been left “in despair” due to rising household and food costs. Despite new figures released today showing inflation in the UK had hit a record highs of 10.1 percent, the news comes as “no surprise” to Harry as he has been noticing the effects of price rises for years already.

The Office for National Statistics data revealed that the UK inflation rate is the highest it’s been since 1982, at 10.1 percent.

Harry, a former soldier from Cricklade, Wiltshire, lives in social housing and the family receives Universal Credit, but they still struggle to make ends meet each month.

He said he and wife Kittie, 36, have no idea how to afford their kids’ new school uniforms before September.

Harry said that his situation is “the reality for millions of others”.

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He has warned that this situation for many could get worse before it gets better. He is hoping to spark some change, and get the attention of Government officials.

He said: “The repercussions of these inflation rises will be catastrophic for so many families.

“The price of food keeps increasing and the price of fuel, is just – I can’t even find the words for it. It’s indescribable.

“We’ve already struggled for so long on a daily basis but we’ve had to cut back even more.


He added: “We struggle with things others take for granted.”

Sadly Harry believes this is only the beginning as inflation already exceeded 10 percent. He is calling on the Government to bring change.

He said: “I think they need to stop putting people in charge who are financially well off and educationally privileged because they don’t get it.

“More and more people in parliament need to have a real understanding of what it’s like for us. There needs to be a balance. Why can’t we find a way to make our society more inclusive? When you’re born, you should be born into the same educational opportunities, with healthcare. Everyone should be able to eat to a reasonable standard.”

He added: “10 percent isn’t the end. I knew it would get worse and it’ll keep getting worse.

“Wages aren’t increasing and benefits aren’t increasing, but everything else is.”

A Government spokesperson said: “We recognise people are struggling with rising prices which is why we are protecting millions of the most vulnerable families with at least £1,200 of direct payments, starting with the £326 cost of living payment, which has already been issued to more than seven million low income households.

“Through our £37bn support package we are saving the typical employee over £330 a year through a tax cut, allowing people on Universal Credit to keep £1,000 more of what they earn, while all households will receive £400 energy payments.

“Vulnerable families in England are also being supported by the Government’s Household Support Fund – which was boosted by £500million – to help pay for essentials.”

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