Every Royal Family member’s favourite flower – symbolism explained

We’ll never know for sure what goes on behind the palace doors, but the Royal Family can be examined through the lens of astrology to discover their likes and dislikes. Express.co.uk chatted to the experts at OnBuy Greenhouses to find out every Royal Family member’s favourite flower and what that reveals about them (based on their star sign).

Queen Elizabeth the II

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II was born 95 years ago on April 21, making her a Taurus.

Tauruses are known not only for their strength but also their calm and serene nature, never causing anxiety or grief.

The Queen has shown herself to be a stable and reliable presence throughout her reign, which makes sense because she’s an earth sign.

With the Lily as their birth flower, the Asiatic Lily would be a perfect fit for both the Queen and any Taurus. Asiatic Lilies grow firmly and strongly in sunlight and don’t need constant maintenance.

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Prince Charles

The Queen’s son and heir to the throne, Prince Charles is a Scorpio, as he was born on November 14, 1948.

Scorpios are more powerful than expected and will stand up for themselves when provoked.

This sign is very secretive and mysterious, thriving on independence and alone time.

Having identified Geranium as their birth flower, OnBuy Greenhouses discovered Prince Charles’s perfect flower to be a Red Peony. They often grow to stand tall above other flowers, exuding authority.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

As the future Queen Consort, and born on July 17, Prince Charles’s wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is a Cancer.

Cancerians embody compassion and thoughtfulness to others, and they have a very maternal and warm presence.

The birth flower for a Cancer is Delphinium (dolphin-shaped flowers, appropriate for a water sign!), with the best fitting delphinium being the ‘Desdemona’.

It blooms to become a large layered white flower. Whilst the process can be slow, patience is required, a fitting trait for Camilla.

Prince William

Prince William, who is third in line to the throne, was born on 21 June.

The Sun sign season changed from Gemini to Cancer at 12.14pm on this date and Price William was born in the evening, making him a Cancer like Camilla and his late mother Princess Diana.

This makes the Prince loving, kind, intuitive and gentle.

The Cancerian birth flower most apt for Prince William is the white rose, signifying peace, positivity, emotion and purity.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry, born on September 15, is a responsible Virgo.

This sign is often logical and systematic in how they approach tasks and great at prioritising, which makes sense for Harry who served as a helicopter pilot in the British Army.

The birth flower of the Virgo sign is the Chrysanthemum, and a suitable flower to match Harry’s characteristics best would be the Matchstick.

A garden classic, Matchsticks don’t require much attention to grow! Let this flower be independent, setting its own path, just like a true Virgo.

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Princesses Anne, Princess Beatrice and Meghan Duchess of Sussex

Princess Anne, Princess Beatrice and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex are all brave and fiery Leos.
The main characteristics of Leo are passion, loyalty, vibrancy and an honest, energetic aura.

Born in August, all three royals’ birth flower is the Sunflower, and specifically, the Helianthus Debilis would be the most fitting.

Standing up to three metres tall, this flower is bright, captivating and can grow even in poor soil conditions, highlighting how these royals try and make every ‘bad’ situation into a positive one.

Prince Edward

Another son of the Queen, Prince Edward was born on March 10, making him the only Pisces on this list.

Pisces are best hard to pin down, very creative and characterised by duality. This sign is very independent and dances to the beat of its own drum.

The Pisces birth flower is the Water Lily, and so OnBuy Greenhouses suggest the Arc en Ciel Water Lily as a fitting flower for this water-born sign.

Water lilies require a lot of attention to be absolutely perfect, however, when treated with care, they can boast beautifully deep pink flowers.

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