EU sent huge warning by Verhofstadt to ‘defend our interests’ – ‘Need stronger Europe!’ | World | News

He said: “Impressive testimonies from Ukrainian citizens to sharpen our mind at the start of the Conference debate on the EU’s role in the world.

“We need a stronger, more sovereign, more united Europe to defend our values and interests.”

During the conference a number of Ukrainian citizens spoke directly to European Parliamentarians about the impact of the Russian invasion and the future of Europe.

One woman described it as a “tragedy” not just for Ukraine but the whole “European family”.

She said: “I’m a witness of this tragedy, which touches not just Ukraine but the whole European family.

“And if someone in the family is in pain, the suffering should affect every member.

“We can no longer remain deaf. We have to act.”

Another Ukrainian woman implored the EU to demonstrate that they are ready to protect the “civilised European, democratic world.” 

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Mr Verhofstadt who chaired the conference thanked the Ukrainian citizens for their testimonies and pledged that the EU would help Ukraine in any way possible including with possible membership.

He said: “To help financially. To help in a humanitarian way.

“To help with everything that’s possible, including the pathway to entrance of Ukraine into the European Union.”

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