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Ignazio Cassis, the Swiss foreign minister, said his countries demands were “not met” by Brussels. In response, David C Bannerman, a Brexiteer and former Tory MEP, said Switzerland could cancel all of its deal with the EU.

He tweeted: “It is now increasingly likely that Switzerland abandons the 120 bilateral agreements it has with the EU, steps away from the EU Single Market, and adopts a similar trade deal to the UK’s TCA [Trade and Cooperation Agreement].”

Brussels was mocked for its short-sightedness by readers.

One commented: “Everyone grows up to be a Brexiteer.

“It is called wisdom, comes from experience, and is why the remoaners are fading away.”

Another added: “The Swiss chose freedom, how very date they?”

A third remarked: “And what will the EU’s answer to this latest event be? ‘More Europe?’”

Switzerland and the EU clashed during negotiations over free movement rules.

Brussels demanded free movement for all EU citizens, regardless of whether they have employment in the country.

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Swiss President Guy Parmelin added: “The government found that the talks with the EU in three areas did not lead to the necessary solutions.

“That is why the government decided to end the negotiations.”

Several readers commented on how strong the Swiss position is, and asked if the UK could offer assistance.

One said: “Good for the Swiss.

“We should form a free trade zone that enables other EU states to leave.”

A second noted: “The Swiss could make life very difficult for the EU if they stopped access to EU goods using the tunnels and rail network.”

Another wrote: “Anyone who thinks membership of an EU electricity union or health “co-operation” would be a good thing is being rather economical with the truth.

“The vaccine debacle has shown that very clearly on health.

“What Switzerland are realising is that the EU’s share of world trade and GDP has fallen year on year.

“This socialist Ponzi scheme is failing and it’s time to get out and follow the UK into prioritising trade with the rest of the world.”

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